Winja Meets CTF for GIRLS (CTF4G) | SECCON 2020

winja ctf4g seccon 2020

Representatives of Winja CTF (India) and CTF for GIRLS (Japan) communities had a conversation during SECCON 2020 conference.

Winja Talks | 03 October 2020

winja talk recent

In this special edition of Winja Talks, we invited three diverse speakers. While two of the speakers have created challenges for our Winja CTF competitions in recent past, the third speaker belongs to a team that has won several Winja CTF competitions organised by us over the years.

Winja CTF | c0c0n XIII

winja ctf c0c0n 2020

Winja organised Capture-the-Flag competition for all, women and men participants, at c0c0n 2020 security and hacking virtual conference.

Winja Blogs | September 2020

winja blog 2020

We conducted a technical blog writing workshop for women participants.

Winja Talks | 22 August 2020

winja talk 2020

We invited women speakers to present technical talks on a topic of their choice.

Winja CTF | Nullcon Goa

winja ctf nullcon 2020

Capture-the-Flag competition was organised for women-only participants at Nullcon Goa 2020 security conferece.